The Seasons of our Lives – Blog hop #2


My name is Leila Belcher of LeilaBeeDesigns.  When we last left one another, I was just beginning my journey creating a Jewelry line. To refresh everyone’s memory  I am making a line of charm jewelry based on the 4 Seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  At the last Blog post, I basically only had my concept but I have so much more to show you this month.

I had planned to have a completed Season to show you this time but I had a small fiasco with my chain I had planned to use.  This particular chain did not come from B’Sue which was my first mistake.  I always wear my Jewelry creations to ensure they are designed well and made well.  I wouldn’t want anything to snag or break too soon as that would upset the Customer and me and prevent any future sales.  So, its not good Customer Service to  put a poorly made product on the Market.  Needless to say, the bracelet snagged and broke within 3 hours of wear so I had to scrap all my chain and order some more from B’Sue Boutiques.  However, I believe I have enough completed pieces to show you this time around to illustrate my Vision plus I have learned a powerful lesson.  B’Sue to Begin With!! But, the best part of this goof is I love the bead and link chain from B’Sue so much better and so will customers.

Below are the original Fall charm bracelet and necklace I played around with when forming the idea for my line.


As you can see, I have made a few changes with the most important being type of change used.  For this line, B’Sue Bead and Link chain will be used throughout.  (The Winter charm bracelet is made with this type of chain)

Now for pieces from my upcoming line. Some of these pieces are still not completely finished as they have a few extra components left to add but they are what I would consider 90% to 95% completed. But, before I show my pieces I wanted to discuss what I  have learned.  Many of us have discovered that we are learning so much more than we ever dreamed possible from this challenge.  It’s become more than just how to build a line of cohesive jewelry.  For many, it has changed other aspects in our lives, making us more confident and less fearful of change.  It has made many of us get more organized and serious about our Jewelry making and given us more confidence in general which has bled over into other aspects of our lives. We are learning how to become more efficient and daring.  Essentially, we are coming our of our shells and GOING FOR IT!!

A personal example for me is I have learned how to become more efficient.  I can now make a charm in less than a minute with my assembly line method.  So, I made my charms in advance which cuts so much time in creating that I can make more at one time.  My efficiency also means I can charge lower prices as I am not spending as much time creating the pieces.  Below are some the charms I have created.

The first picture is all four Seasons, the second is a handful of Fall and he third if a handful of Spring.


Below are earrings for each Season.  Beginning with Fall, then Summer, Spring and Winter.


One of my fears was that I would become unhappy not making one of a kind pieces for everyone but that fear has been alleviated. Even though I am making the same style pieces for each Season, every charm is slightly different making no two charm bracelets or necklaces identical.

Below are Cuff Bracelets for each Season

Summer and Winter


Fall and Spring


Fall Set of earrings and cuff bracelet.  The charm bracelet and necklace will be shown on the next Blog  Post.


Below are the Charm bracelet, earrings and cuff bracelet for Winter.  The charm necklace will be shown on the next blog post.


Below are the Summer charm bracelet, earrings and cuff bracelet.  The charm necklace will be shown on the next blog post.  The charm bracelet has been temporarily made using Rolo chain to show the colors and styles of charms.


And finally, we have the cuff bracelet and earrings for Spring with the charm necklace and bracelet to be shown on the next blog post.


I’m liking how the line is shaping up and I think they are very wearable designs. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on the color choices and style choices.  I created the bracelets to be stacked together or worn together on separate wrists and I can’t wait for you t0 see the necklaces which will tie it all together.

So, until next time my friends!  Until next time.

Please visit my etsy shop and B’Sue Boutiques where I get my supplies.  It is Brenda Sue Lansdowne who is sponsoring this wonderful challenge/Master Class.  Please see below for your next Blog Hop addresses!!!

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My 4 boys are my entire world. Everything I do, I do for them. I began making Jewelry so I could spend more time with them after my Husband died. I quickly learned that making Jewelry made my Soul happy. I love doing it. Everyone should love what they do. My goal is to let that love shine through in my designs.

57 thoughts on “The Seasons of our Lives – Blog hop #2”

    1. Leila, you have a knack for choosing the right colors. You also have a great knack for making the “art charms”. I’m going to pm you about Art Charms and an annual charity “swap” we have. You could make just an art charm as one of your lower end pieces. Think about it. Lots of folk just buy a charm and, girlfriend, I’ve seen the “art charms” sell for over 20 bucks!
      That said, I love your colors. The spring earrings are to die for! Well done!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much! I’ve been told time and time again I have a knack for colors. My Mom is a Painter though so I’m sure it’s in the genes. I can’t draw or paint like she can. My talents seem to lie in other areas. Like I can make up a Poem in 5 minutes or less and pick out a top to go with pants that are hanging in my closet and not with me for comparison. Lol. We all have Talents. I’m just Blessed to have an opportunity to make some money with mine. Lol. But, joking aside thanks for reading and commenting and thinking of me.


      1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’m sure having fun with this. It has given me the confidence to begin to approach stores to try to get my Jewelry in. It’s changing my entire life! It’s amazing what positive reinforcement can do as well as the feeling of having people rooting for you. Joining the Creative Group and applying for this Challenge was the best thing I could have done!!


    1. Thanks, Marica! Honestly, I worried stream lining and assembly lining the charms would take away from the creative experience but it had the opposite effect. Who knew?

      On a totally unrelated topic my Mother and I were going through a batch of costume jewelry we’d gotten at an Estate sale and came across a piece that had “handmade in Malta” on the back. I thought of you. We set it aside. I just thought what are the odds, you know??


      1. Oh wow what a coincidence and what a small small world we live in!

        Well it’s definitely not mine because I’ve never put “handmade in Malta” on them lol I do mention it in my promos, etc sometimes.

        I too am having fun with batch working although I haven’t gotten as good as you.


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I just love the different Seasons and I modeled the colors after my own Gardens. Summer is just a party of primary colors, Spring brings pale yellow daffodils and pastel iris, Winter Hellebore and Fall brings the changing of the leaves and the Asters. So, I didn’t have to look far for my inspiration!


    1. Thank you! I’m pleased with how it’s turning out. I have to admit I was especially pleased with how those beautiful Maple leaves looked though I can’t take any credit. I didn’t change a thing about them because they were stunning as is!


  1. I absolutely love your concept. It is hard to decide which season to pick. But I have to say those spring earrings are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what else your line will have.


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I know what you mean. I wore the Summer cuff bracelet today and all those bright colors just made me happy every time I looked at it. Hopefully, customers will feel the same way!!


    1. Thank you! I think Summer looks like a Party! But they’re inspired by my own yard during the Seasons. In Summer I have lots of bold primary colors, in the Spring my pale yellow daffodils and pastel iris, in the Winter my Hellebore and the Fall the changing of the leaves and the Asters. So, Nature truly is my inspiration. God is the original Artist after all.


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I adore making charms. At Craft Shows I love to watch people pick up the charm bracelets and admire the special beads. That’s what gave me the idea for the Challenge. Just expanding on something I already love to do.


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I think Winter was the toughest because there isn’t much going on in Winter. If I had chosen Pansies it would have looked to much like Spring or Summer so I chose my favorite. Hellebore. And I’m really pleased with how it turned out.


    1. Thank you! I didn’t want to do ice or cool blues so I chose my favorite Winter bloomer, which is Hellebore. They come in creams, pale greens, pinks and deep Burghandy so I thought it was perfect for Winter. I have a hard time deciding my favorite. Each day I lean towards something else! Thanks for reading and commenting.


    1. Then go for it!!! I love working with beautiful Czech beads and Swarovski crystal. 2 of my most favorite things. When you put them together you get magic. Thanks so much for reading my Blog and taking the time to leave me a comment. Means so much!


    1. Thanks so much for reading and responding. I just love getting comments. I made a few Fall beaded charm bracelets for the Fall craft Shows and sold almost every one of them. The customers just loved the unique Czech beads. So, I figured I could expand on that and hopefully be able to make something of myself so I can stay home with my boys. They’re motivating me but you guys are keeping me on track!!


  2. I really like how you’re using your colors for the seasons–and your jewelry is so fun! I can see it in the big box stores and all over selling up a storm! Looking forward to seeing even fancier pieces from you–and those fall leaf pieces are to die for! But then I love the colors you used for summer, and spring, and winter–okay–everything! 🙂


    1. Thanks! You know, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite too. I guess it’s just the mood you’re in at the time. Party time? Go with Summer. Feeling neutral, go with Fall. Kind of lovey dovey, maybe Spring is right for you. Into, some dark, understated accessories, Winter may be for you.. who knows. But I’m pleased with how they’re turning out. Very pleased. Thank you for reading and commenting!


  3. I especially love those earrings! You have a very cohesive look for your line. Great idea on making the charms ahead of time. I do agree that saves time. Plus, those baggies of charm goodness make for a great blog pic! Keep up the fine work, your line looks wonderful : ) ~Renee H.


  4. Your line is fantastic! I share your love of Czech beads and I think they go so perfectly with the brass from B’Sue’s! You’ve been really busy getting all these pieces together and it’s paying off! I can’t believe you have pieces in all four seasons already! Very impressive. I have to say as sick as I am of this endless winter, I love your winter series the best! Well done!!


  5. Leila your charms are just perfect & the colors your using are really evocative of the seasons you’re expressing. The best thing is they aren’t limiting, you can wear them at any time! I think they’d look marvelous on any skin-tone. I adore the flowers especially. Those are some of the favorites from my bead collection/stash.


  6. I like how you’ve found a way to create a cohesive line, while still retaining the “one-of-a-kind” spirit. The colors you’ve combined to create each season is fantastic!


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